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Mission Statement

"Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence" George Steiner Communication has become a global phenomenon that affects every continent, nation, city and town in the world. We love to be constantly connected to other people, regardless of their nationality, race, language, sexual orientation or religion... And...
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The most gay-friendly European cities (I)

Although we all know that in Europe we still have a long way to go to become a respectful and equal society, there are several cities that welcome the LGBT community with open arms. That is why here at Rainbow Translations we decided to write a series of posts about the cities that, in our opinion, are the most exciting and full of life,...
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The RAE and the LGBT community in its new edition

This Thursday, in Madrid the Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy) will release the 23rd edition of its dictionary. Among the changes for this edition, one about which we are proudest is that the word marriage now finally includes a definition for homosexual marriage: “in certain legislations, the union of two people of the...
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Brussels, a gay-friendly destination

With the aim of increasing the number of visitors to Brussels, the Belgian Tourist Office had a stroke of genius and decided to take a gamble on attracting more gay tourism. As many of you already know, Belgium is one of the European countries with the most progressive laws in the world. That is why we at Rainbow Translations think that...
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LOCALIZATION This service is a must if you are planning to create an international presence for your business. When a text is localized, it includes those details that make a difference, such as how to present dates, phone numbers, schedules, measurement systems, addresses, documentation, prices in local currencies, localization, the way...
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CITYMATE This is an innovative service in the world of translation, created by Rainbow Translations. A Citymate is an interpreter-guide who knows the city well and all the culture and entertainment that it has to offer. Your Citymate will make your LGBT guests feel perfectly at ease during their stay and enjoy their free time with no linguistic...
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TRANSCREATION Sometimes, what may seem funny or eye-catching in one language may be deadpan and even vulgar in another. This is why transcreation is necessary. This type of translation requires the professional to harness a good deal of creativity and knowledge, while taking into account the culture that the text is going to be translated...
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VOICEOVER If you are a professional, why should the way you project your business be any different? This means paying great attention to all the details. One of these details is the voiceover, in other words the voices that appear on your videos, on your TV ads, on the radio or the internet, on your video blog and in your audiovisual advertising....
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SUBTITLING AND TRANSCRIPTION At Rainbow Translations we translate into writing what people hear in another language. If you need to add subtitles to a movie or a video in its original version (subtitling) or you want us to put the words of a recorded voice into writing (transcription), you can count on us. If you are translating into subtitles,...
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